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Advantech NCG
Advantech Network Computing Group (NCG) is a leader in providing mission-critical computing platforms for the eWorld, including next generation Networks, communication systems, and Mission-Critical Computing. Advantech NCG is dedicated to total customer satisfaction, always delivering platforms with maximum reliability, scalability and flexibility.



Adtech Solutions
Adtech Solutions specializes in the design, integration, and support of hardware and storage management systems for the contact center and computer telephony markets.

With name brand solutions ranging in size from small industrial PCs to large multi-processor NT servers, Adtech can compliment any software company requiring specific hardware knowledge and integration skills.

enGenic’s TeleFlow® provides developers with a complete development environment that enables AI-Logix hardware users to create automated voice systems for both active and passive cards.

TeleFlow® provides access to all events generated by the hardware to ensure that the application has complete control. In addition to standard components such as HTTP, XML, ODBC and encryption, many other technologies and systems are available as add-ons. Voice recognition, voice mail, prepaid solutions, and other applications are ready to be deployed at any time.
TeleFlow® includes all the software required to design, develop, test and deploy a comprehensive voice application for AI-Logix hardware. This functionality makes TeleFlow® one of industry’s best returns on investment.

Accurate Always
Accurate Always, based in Menlo Park, California, is a global leader in mission critical call recording solutions for the private and public sectors.

Accurate Always offers Voxida, the affordable, call recording platform for contact centers. Voxida is a fully integrated, industrial grade ISO 9001:2000 solution that supports all major PBX systems, analog lines, digital trunk and VoIP interfaces. Voxida delivers real-time LAN/WAN access, live monitoring, full-time and on-demand recording. With granular access control, customizable search capabilities and AES strong encryption, Voxida is fast, effective and secure and accommodates customer specific workflow requirements.

The Accurate Always brand is the trusted name in call recording for Air Traffic Control, Public Safety, Legal, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and customer contact centers. Accurate sells worldwide through Authorized Resellers and Distributors.

Alliance Systems
Alliance Systems is a leading provider of communications and computing infrastructure solutions specializing in the areas of VoIP, speech, wireless, and network security.

As a value-added service provider, Alliance provides systems integration; outsource manufacturing; professional and technical support services; and distribution of open standards-based communications products to software developers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Value Added Resellers and service providers. Alliance is an Intel Authorized Distributor, Cisco Reseller, and Microsoft Platinum Certified System Builder among other industry certifications with installed products in more that 90 countries.

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