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Real-Time Word Spotting for the call monitoring markets

Enable real-time word spotting for automated operator supervision and continuous monitoring.   Predictable Performance
Dedicated speech and media processing hardware leaves the system memory and CPU available for your application.

Dynamic Grammar Allocation
Grammars and languages can be changed on-the-fly to match the caller's language.

A Unique Solution
Adding NSC's speech recognition technology to Ai-logix's strength in call logging provides unique selling opportunities for OEMs.
Ai-Logix and NSC bring you Real-Time Word Spotting for the call monitoring markets

Real-time Word Spotting

Recognizes key words while the conversation is in progress allowing immediate response.


3 great bundles to choose from:

Developer's Kit

All the components needed to prototype a working call logging application with real-time word spotting
Ai-Logix LD409H · 4-Channel Analog Hardware
NSC/2 Speech Recognition Hardware
Working Demo Program with Source
US English Vocabulary

Station Bundle
The essential hardware needed for word spotting enabled call recording behind proprietary PBXs
Ai-Logix SmartWORKS™ NGX2400 · 24-Channel Passive Tap Hardware
NSC/12 · Speech Recognition Hardware
Optional Vocabularies

Trunk Bundle

The essential hardware for word spotting enabled service observation in front of proprietary PBXs
Ai-Logix SmartWORKS™ DP3209 · 32-Channel E1/T1 Passive Tap Hardware
NSC/12 Speech Recognition Hardware
Optional Vocabularies


WordALERT™a powerful and simple word-spotting solution. Click to see an image

Core Ai-Logix Technology

E1 and T1 Protocols
NI2, DMS100, AT&T Custom, EuroISDN, INS1500, DASS2, CAS, Robbed Bit

PBX Support

The majority of industry leading PBXs are supported. A complete list can be found at www.ai-logix.com

Supports the many of the voice encoding algorithms needed for the call recording industries including G.711, GSM, G.726, G.729A, G.723.1

Core NSC Technology

NSC’s ASR engine

Phoneme-based recognition, Speaker Independent Recognition (SIR)

Available Languages

US English • UK English • Hebrew • Arabic • French • German • Russian


Standard and custom vocabularies are available

Supported OS

Windows 2000