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Analog VolP Gateway


· Fax, voice and modem support
· Toll quality voice compression
· Enhanced capabilities including MWI,
long haul, metering, CID
· Support for all standard control protocols
· Proven integration with leading PBXs, IP-PBXs,
Softswitches, H.323 Gatekeepers and SIP servers
· Spans a range of 2 to 24 analog ports
· Supports PSTN/PBX analog telephone sets or
analog trunk lines (FXS/FXO)
· Selectable, multiple LBR coders per channel
· Internal power supply; DC power option
for the MP-124
· T.38 compliant
· Echo canceller, Jitter Buffer, VAD and CNG
· Complies with MGCP, MEGACO*, H.323 (V4)
and SIP control protocols
· Web Management for easy configuration
and installation
· SNMP and syslog support
· EMS for all-embracing management
operations (FCAPS)


The MediaPack Series Analog VoIP Gateways are well-suited for commercial VoIP deployment. Field-proven voice and fax technology and feature-rich design makes the MP series an excellent solution for various emerging VoIP applications. The MediaPack series Analog VoIP Gateways are used in the voice VPN environment, centralized IVR and Quality Monitoring, calling card and pay phone markets. Ideal markets also include MTU (Multi Tenant Units), rural areas and remote analog extensions in a VoIP-based PBX or IP-PBX architecture.

Deliver Feature-Rich Solutions
The Media Pack Series Analog VolP Gateways are second generation products that have been designed to meet real market needs. In addition to superior voice technology, the products provide advanced telephony features such as long haul, metering, country dependent MWI and CID for true integration with existing telephony infrastructure. The MP Series is based on VolPerfect architecture, AudioCodes' underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway technology for all of its products.
    Provide Interoperability
The MediaPack Series is part of AudioCodes' complete family of stand-alone VoIP Gateways for OEM system integration. Throughout the years, AudioCodes has invested significant effort in complying with the leading and evolving VoIP standards. Support of all control protocols by the MP Series has been tested with leading softswitch vendors. As a provider for OEMs, System Integrators and Network Equipment Providers, AudioCodes offers short time-to-o-market with second generation, field-proven products.

Benefit from extensive experience
AudioCodes, established in 1993, is one of the world's leading providers of VoIP technology. AudioCodes' commitment to innovation yields consistently high-quality voice processing products that are feature-rich and field-proven. AudioCodes has deployed close to 10 million VoP ports to date.

· Enterprise access for IP Centrex for hosted services
· Multi Tenant Unit
· POTs and fax extensions for IP-PBX
· Voice VPN
· VoIP-enabled PBX
· Unified messaging and recording

All products are available in PCI, cPCI, and stand-alone

Telephone Interfaces

Dual RJ11

Quad RJ11
Octal RJ11
Standard 50-pin Telco connector
Life Line Automatic cut through of a single analog line in case of power failure (FXS version only) Not Applicable

Network Interface

10/100 Base-T, RJ45

Indicators Channel status and activity leds
Voice over Packet G.168-2000 compliant Echo Cancellation, VAD, CNG, Dynamic programmable
Capabilities Jitter Buffer, modem detection and auto switch to PCM
Voice Compression G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.727, G.729A, NetCoder® at 6.4-9.6 kbps
Fax over IP Group 3 fax relay up to 14.4 kbps with automatic fallback
T.38 compliant
Signaling MP-102
FXS Loop-start
FXS, FXO Loop-start
FXS, FXO Loop-start
FXS Loop-start
In-band Signaling · DTMF (TIA 464B)
· User defined and call progress tones
Control MGCP (RFC 2705), H.323 (V4), MEGACO*(H.248), SIP (RFC 3261), AudioCodes VoIP Library API
Provisioning · BootP, DHCP and TFTP
· Remote management using Web browser
· EMS (Element Management System)
· Syslog support
Power 90-260 VAC/47-63 Hz
Environmental Operational: -5 to 55o C 23 to 131o F Storage: -40 to 70o C -40 to 158o FHumidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) MP-102
44 x 220.3 x
240 mm
44 x 220.3 x
240 mm
44 x 220.3 x
240 mm
44 x 445 x
269 mm
Mounting Wall mount, rack mount, table top
Additional Features
(Please contact AudioCodes regarding availability in
conjunction with the desired control protocol)
Short and Long Haul MP-102
Up to 7000 meters at 24 AWG
Up to 7000 meters at 24 AWG
Up to 7000 meters at 24 AWG
Up to 6000 meters at 24 AWG
Caller ID Bellcore Type 1 & 2, ETSI, NTT and DTMF based CID
(India, Sweden, Denmark)
Polarity Reversal Immediate or smooth to prevent erroneous ringing
Metering Tones 12/16 KHz sinusoidal bursts
Distinctive Ringing By frequency (15-100 Hz) and cadence patterns
Message Waiting Indication DC voltage generation (TIA/EIA-464-B), V23 FSK data,
Stutter dial tone

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